Work to start soon on new portland port woodchip

Work to start soon on new portland port woodchip… (T바카라hanks @randyd)

Walking to my house on foot (about 6:00am)

Walking to house after my trip at 7am, which I still need some good sleep… (10am was my worst start, and it has been going at least 2 h더킹카지노ours longer… I should probably make something up, but it is the worst start I have ever had – I feel like I am just sleeping).

My room in my room at home in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, August 6th.

Getting dressed in my room on Sunday morning!

Back in bed after sleep

The sun is setting behind my house in Portland, Oregon!

A lovely view of the Oregon coast off to my west and Pacific Ocean on the horizon on Sunday morning! (thanks @randyd)

Another amazing view of Portland!


On Sunday morning

After a few hours at work in Portland

The sun has set and the afternoon sun is starting to shine!

It was time to go for a coffee in our car on the drive to my house

My desk at the Starbucks bar

Driving past the bridge in Portland on Monday morn바카라사이트ing!

My apartment is about 30 minutes drive to my house on the other side of the county!

Getting ready to make a coffee

Coffee in my coffee cup! (thanks @randyd)

The coffee cups at my house

I’m back to taking my daily walk to the house I live in Portland!


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