Swine contract flu in canada

Snatyasastra.comwine contract flu in canada

Citizens can become ill from flu 바카라viruses that can cause a disease called Cascara flu (see also page 3). There is no vaccine and if caught in early, flu can be very serious.

But while symptoms may appear flu-like, in reality are mild and rarely fatal. The most common symptoms are a cough and sore throat.

The disease is caused by a virus called H3N2 influenza. This one is now on the verge of its first pandemic, spreading rapidly through Europe and Australia, causing widespread deaths. The virus is transmitted through nasal and respiratory secretions and s바카라사이트neezing.

“There has been no flu in Canada this year. That is, you could not catch it,” said Dr. Jean-Paul Tassi, a spokesman for Environment Canada.

The seasonal flu season runs from Sept. 1 to mid-October, and lasts from April 1 to May 21.

It can start flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough and runny nose, then spread quickly through a region as people tend to close ranks and protect homes, offices and places of worship.

The winter season is shorter, but can last up to a month.

Anyone with suspected flu symptoms who goes to a healthcare centre can bring their own vaccine and be tested for H3N2 flu.


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