Six territorians in swine flu quarantine by day, and have yet to feel better on the surface

Six territorians in swine flu quarantine by day, and have yet to feel better on the surface.

In a statement, the World Health Organization (WHO) said:

“The ongoing outbreak in pigs infected with the pig-related flavivirus H5N1 in Vietnam is threatening the stability and growth of the Ho Chi Minh City region’s endemic pandemic. The outbreak is spreading to Vietnam’s창원안마 poul바카라try farms, causing a rapid drop in population that has further strained the region’s food security system.”

More than 4,000 pigs, pigs, and poultry workers died in Vietnam last year alone from what the World Health Organization considers to be the world’s first human-borne pandemic.

The H5N1 virus, which is not native to humans, was first detected in China and now has been spotted in South Korea and Vietnam.

Health officials say 김해출장안마 김해출장샵there has been no evidence that the virus had any impact on human health.

A major concern is the rapid decline in the poultry industry over the last year.

“Vietnam’s poultry industry experienced a substantial decline during the H5N1 outbreak. As the economy declined, there is speculation over the potential of an H5N1 spillover into production in other regions of the country and the possibility of similar cases in China,” explained WHO.

The WHO is urging people to keep chickens on their premises, especially during peak periods of peak H5N1 season and when there is a risk of spreading the virus.

A total of eight different countries have been declared in swine flu quarantine since the introduction of H5N1 last December, but there’s still no confirmed cases here. There have been seven confirmed cases, a three-year-old virus in a two-year-old female was confirmed in another country and the death rate of the H5N1 is up to 60%.

For now, though, WHO’s latest figures for Vietnam show there are no confirmed new cases.

“In Vietnam, H5N1 has not yet emerged as a human-caused pandemic. However, the rapid decline in population over the last year has given rise to concerns about potential spread of H5N1 in other regions of the country. We are providing a roadmap for implementing the measures and prevention measures required to eliminate the current outbreak,” the organisation said.


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