Shires elect mayors who are, quote, “excellent for the city of Toronto

Shires elect mayors who are, quote, “excellent for the city of Toronto.”

So how to pay them? Mayor John Tory is looking into ways he can reduce the price o세종출장안마f councillors. So far, it’s a pretty good idea, given the city’s financial straits and the costs of hiring someone else to handle the jobs.

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But the idea has run into opposition from the NDP, the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals who don’t like the idea of someone having a monopoly on power. City council voted in late April to raise the salary cap to $1 million — and it will be up to the City’s executive committee when they meet next week. On Monday, city council 예스카지노will consider a report from Toronto’s chief financial officer, John Jowich, about the cost savings to the city from a higher salary. At that time, council will choose between $900,000 a year in savings from raising the salary cap and using that money to hire additional council. The PC온라인 카지노 leader, Patrick Brown, is planning to introduce legislation in the fall to raise the cap to $1 million. This means that if Tory wins his bid to become mayor, he would take office with a salary of $1 million. As it stands, if you hold an elected post for 12 months, then resign, and run for office again for the same seat, you lose an additional two-year window of time before your $1 million annual salary comes due. There are still plenty of other factors that should affect the cost of a council seat, from the salary to the city’s capital expenditure, transportation and housing, but the impact of council’s salaries is clearly one of the most expensive issues facing any city.


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