Rudd calls for aust withdrawal strategy

Rudd calls for aust withdrawal strategy

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Australia must withdraw from its $600 million-a-year $7.5 billion military aid fund, despite the government’s announcement of its $700 million plan.

“I want to say this clearly – our troops will go home sooner or later, we’re not playing games,” Mr Rudd told the ABC.

“What I don’t want to be involved in is any longer talking about going into a war zone, I don’t want to be involved in more troops being sent to Australia at a time of need.”

The Prime Minister told the ABC he did not believe the $700 million funding would help troops’ jobs and welfare, and called for more funding for other countries’ military aid.

“They have to be careful of the perception as it relates to Australia,” he said.

“I don’t like to use military aid as a lever to get votes, but it’s good for our troops.”

He admitted the Abbott government had not had time to consult, but rejected suggestions the prime minister was being overly aggressive.

Mr Turnbull told 7.30 on ABC Radio he believed it natyasastra.comwas time Australia was withdrawing from military assistance.

“We’re leaving military aid around the world for $6 billion a year to countries who need it and to many countries who shouldn’t get it,” he said.

The $700 million package includes $50 million for traineeships, the traineeship is a pilot project and is likely to be extended to trainees to go into foreign police and military police jobs in Australia, he said.

Mr Rudd, however, has raised concerns the training program might not be long enough and said it will be better for police recruits to study in the United States where Australia is fighting terrorism, rather than fighting for a war against Islamic State.

“It is the Australian people that are fighting this battle, 우리카지노not some foreign nation,” he said.

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