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Federal Councilor Alain Berset speaks by phone to Ms. Saurer, a 92 year old resident of the Trotte old people home in the city of Zurich. Ennio Leanza / Keystone

What did Federal Councilor Alain Berset (sp.) Talk to 92 year old Ms. Saurer about That remains his secret, said the Minister of Health at a media conference in Zurich on Thursday afternoon. Berset and Daniel Koch, department THOR MX SENTINEL COVER MOTOCROSS Cover Samsung iphone 6 cover for iphone 6s plus Galaxy S7 cover heads at the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), traveled phone cover iphone 6s plus custodias to the Limmatstadt with a delegation to meet Zurich health director Natalie ADIDAS APP Phone custodia For iphone X XR XS MAX DOODLE DESIGN Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover Rickli (svp.) And the district president Carmen Walker KATE SPADE LADYBUG Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover Sph (fdp.).

The program included a Belkin Classic Wallet Folio custodia visit to the Trotte Max Glitter custodia Bling Sparkling Soft retirement home in Zurich. This loosens its visiting regulations immediately, residents can now meet with relatives and friends in specially designed zones. Plexiglass panes ensure that distance and iPhone 6 custodia iPhone 6S 6 Plus Cover hygiene regulations are observed. And so Berset had visual contact with Ms. Saurer, but had the conversation on the phone. The Federal Council emphasized that it was personally important to him to exchange BIBLE VERSES FOR ANGER Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover views with the Cover iphone pois Etsy lady and inquire ASTON MARTIN 3 Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover about her condition.

Appeal for personal responsibility

In addition to iPhone 6/6s Clear Glitter Cover Mobile the flying visit to the old people center, other technical BMW M SERIES Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover questions Iphone 6s plus coverEtsy were exchanged, CLEMSON TIGERS Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover said Councilor Puro Glitter Shine Cover – Iphone 6/6S Rickli. the tracing of possible transmission chains. The BUGS BUNNY AND GOSSAMER RED Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover Health Directorate is currently deploying ten people to triple this number by the IPhone 7 6 6S Plus 5 Flash Selfie end of May. After Big Lebowski Dude Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover that, the work will probably be outsourced to a call center. Cooperation between the federal government and the canton is going very well, but there are only two points that are at odds: in assuming the cost of corona tests through insurance and in financing loss of earnings in hospitals.

Berset returned the praise by saying that Zurich had organized iPhone 11 NXE Rainbow Cover – Lilla MOBILCOVERS.DK itself Apple iPhone 6 + Plus Cover Skin Stand well in a short time. Because of its size and importance for the economy, the canton will play a central role in iPhone 11: le migliori cover per proteggere il nuovo smartphone di the next phase, which is now about containing the virus. Printed Silicone iPhone 6 plus Cover Switzerland could at least partially remove the restrictive measures after 45 days because the population had also behaved in a disciplined manner. However, the easing would entail risks, and it was everyone responsibility to continue to strictly adhere to the distance and hygiene regulations. Otherwise it would be quite complicated. The virus determines the pace, not we. We can influence it. But we are no CAMARO LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover stronger than nature. We have to learn ANDY SIXX BLACK VEIL Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover to live in an uncertain time and not have an answer to every question, said Berset.

In fact, you have to learn to live with the virus, FIRE ANG BLOOD TARGARYEN Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover said Carmen Walker Sph. The economics director suggested that during the summer holidays not only think of the Swiss mountain areas, but also of cities like Zurich, which are also heavily dependent on tourism. The slogan at home had its justification, now one can switch to the recommendation safely The easing decided by the Federal Council was extremely important for the economy, Zurich heart could now continue to beat. The industry is coping well with the opening steps, controls have shown that employers assume their responsibilities. The federal government only needs MAGPUL ART Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover to be improved if the working hours are more flexible and the requirements for Sunday and night work.

Blocking green areas as protection against unreasonableness

Berset Daniel Koch resisted criticism at the media conference that had been custodia Compatible with iPhone 6 Plus raised against him in connection with a new study. iphone 6 plus cover vinyl ideas The German virologist Christian Drosten states that children are probably just as contagious as adults. He read the paper and then talked to a child infectiologist. Both of them came to the conclusion that the study did not contain any new statements. Children very rarely get sick, that they are not the driver of the epidemic and that they are not the ones who spread the virus to the general public. There is nothing to be said against opening the Cover Iphone 11 biodegradabile colore Midday Sun schools as planned on May 11, 2020.

It is also JAMES CHARLES HI SISTERS Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover permissible for restaurants to reopen. All previous findings have indicated that the virus is transmitted NEW ORLEANS SAINTS SKULL Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover by droplet infection. JUVENTUS PITCH IPHONE 6 PLUS COVER It cannot float freely in the air and, for example, get into a room through air conditioning. doesn matter whether a room is open or closed, it is important to keep a distance of at least two meters. COVER Spazio Stelle Costellazioni Galassie Apple iPhone 4 5 6 Plus Furthermore, no RICK AND MORTY IT Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 Cover ruvida in silicone per iphone 6s Grandi Sconti Cover per cover more than five people are likely to meet at the same time. It is not a question of prohibiting walking. You only want to enable the people with the closures to adhere to the distance rules. …


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