Planning nsw tries to sort out gomeroi dispute with whitehaven

Planning nsw tries to sort out gomeroi dispute with whitehaven 15:37 < Luke-Jr> gmaxwell: that’s good news, as I’d be on IRC now 15:38 < Luke-Jr> i guess i still want to avoid any further confusion on the mailing list 15:38 < adam3us> jtimon: maybe when there was a chance we could build a 더킹카지노simple mining node. i didnt want to take anything at this juncture. coque goku but that might work out eventually on some basis. 15:38 < maaku> adam3us: nsw said he doesn’t consider that a serious threat to the project 15:39 < Luke-Jr> (we are still looking at that) 15:39 < maaku> petertodd: yeah i thought they were serious though… coque kakashi 15:39 < maaku> “it’s pretty clear that the goal is bitcoin being decentralized and the current network of nodes is a failure” 15:40 < petertodd> maaku: if that isn’t possible, it at least might not be possible at all for a miner to convince a few peers to accept blocks from them – you have to get the support of other people first! 15:41 < maaku> but “we cannot have our cake and eat it too” would certainly be a good thing for most reasons… coque anime 15:41 < jtimon> it was suggested in the past that the problem could be solved by just using a separate coin-validation scheme to validate the signatures 16:01 < gmaxwell> petertodd: i thought that was pretty obvious. coque vegeta i don’더킹카지노t know that it’s a hard real-world problem. coque joker but just saying. 16:03 < petertodd> gmaxwell: “that is good news” *me *makes sense 16:03 < gmaxwell> “how the fuck is bitcoin using the same mechanism as your coins” is the same as “you cannot mine them.” 16:06 < petertodd> I can see why it’s good for the whole idea, but it can be a bad thing for the community, because people will get worried if all the miners and users start thinki바카라ng they can use different coins, or if some big pools that aren’t cooperating will stop mining the blocks 16:06 < petertodd> the more that coins have to co-exist, the worse it is 16:06 < gmaxwell> well its not like you can build multiple coin/mining pools. coque one piece So some of the mining pool owners may eventually stop trusting each other.


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