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This was the true meaning of consent

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I haven done it before,There are sex toy recycling programs available. If you send in your broken or old toys, they send you a discount coupon you can use for many online sex toy retailers. The discounts may just be… Read More »

His penis never touched my body and if it did it must have

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We put it down to a poor quality condom and too much lube on the inside. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is… Read More »

He started a grease fire, caused several thousands of dollars

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As for ectopic (outside the uterus) pregnancies, those generally don’t occur in an environment where the embryo/fetus would be in a position to survive. It’s very rare that ectopic pregnancies even take, though, and even more so that they make… Read More »

With its roots in bike messenger culture

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“I’d be lying if I said [Shawn's death] hadn’t crossed my mind this week; it has made me think about him more. It was overwhelming to see the amount of support Shawn’s family got through the rugby community and then… Read More »

During pregnancy, women often have increased amounts of

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Sex being a little too rough, or someone having a jagged nail if fingers are being used, can cause bleeding. The vaginal wall is delicate and can get small injuries. If it’s just a little bleeding and it stops fairly… Read More »

Also, falling out/off the ladder sucks

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I still love this cock ring. It is very comfortable to wear. We both like the way it makes my package look. One viewer posted on Twitter: “Shame on Anne Robinson. This is classic victim blaming. Absolutely disgusted. There was… Read More »

We can just replaced and throw them away

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The bill would apply to sales of pistols and semi automatic, military style assault rifles that are transferred from one person to another but not to private sales of traditional hunting rifles. It includes an exemption for sales between relatives…. Read More »

People are to picky and whiny now a days

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The lures of the beach are hard to resist come summer. But this season a raft of perils (Shark attacks! Riptides! Jellyfish invasions!) seems poised to storm the coast and shift the action from and sea to chicken fights and… Read More »

Michael Haines, Chislehurst, Kent

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This deer resistant groundcover can become a nuisance if allowed to grow unchecked. During the early spring, candy top produces non fragrant white blooms among mounds of medium green foliage. Hardy in USDA zones 3 through 9, this is one… Read More »

You start out laughing and end up pounding the table for

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They are getting better with each tournament and will play for the best finish in an FIVB event Friday while three higher seeded American pairings watch from the sidelines.”We can’t start thinking about medals and points and whatnot,” Day said…. Read More »