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“Hit By Arrows, Kept Walking”: American Killed By Protected

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It is the perfect length (not too long and not too short)

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Hair color not that you’re going to undo yours

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Clearly intended to bait up into the Baron den to force a

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Read a post last night where some dude didn want to pay for a bus ticket for his girlfriend because she forgetful and didn have her wallet. So she walked an hour and a half home. In the rain. I… Read More »

This is the Marine Corps Emblem

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So turning to our third quarter performance

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She could seriously be getting herself into dangerous

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In 2005, as rivals invested heavily in upgraded stores and

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Both the Democratic and Republican proposals represent a total hijacking of the Super Committee by the 1%. Members of the Super Committee and other elected officials may not feel the urgency of America’s unemployed and underemployed, but if they keep… Read More »

For entrepreneurs specifically

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The uproarious scene in which two puppets fuck their brains

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