Number of suspected sars cases has fallen officials fear for lives of their members

Number예스카지노 of suspected sars cases has fallen officials fear for lives of their members. They were sent under the command of Army Chief Gen. Horder (retd) in May last year. coque demon slayer iphone 8 hoesjes The force had been assigned to combat the ISIS in northern Iraq. coque vegeta iphone 8 hoesjes Baghdad issued a warning earlier this year to all its residents about attacks from ISIS and “we don’t leave anyone of us unharmed”. However, many suspects have already been killed in fighting between security forces and ISIS forces since mid-2012. coque goku A majority of the cases have taken place in and around Sinjar city. coque stitch “We have arrested nearly 50 suspected ISIS members and freed more than 30 others who were held captive by the ISIS in captivity,” a senior official told Dawn. A security forces officer added that ISIS fighters had recently begun to release young men from the group’s stronghold of Mosul and Sinjar in order to take captives back to Iraq and force the others to join in the fight. coque my hero academia coque iphone x In all the cases, bodies were discovered in pits dug near homes that ISIS militants had occupied during the month of July. coque vegeta Also the Iraqi Interior Ministry said on Sunday that the ISIS held over a thousand members in Mosul and some 6,600 in Sinjar, which borders Iraq and Syria. iphone hoesjes “The number of suspected ISIS members detained by the security forces rose to app더킹카지노roximately 700 in Iraq and over 3,000 in Syria,” the ministry said, adding that the ministry had arrested at least 8,000 ISIS members, freed 3,200 a예스카지노nd freed another 4,800 before their release. coque joker custodia iphone The ministry stated that ISIS was holding over 12,000 people in three cities and about a third in Mosul and several thousand in Sinjar. coque joker Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was also on Sunday to address security forces about the ISIS threat. custodia samsung “Daesh has come out of hiding after the last phase of the Mosul operation and has decided to make a strong comeback,” the Iraqi leader said. coque supreme coque dbz custodia cover samsung “The government cannot afford to lose its citizens and I fear that many of them will return to the hands of the terrorist organization if the Iraqi government continues to delay its actions in defeating Daesh.” Hence, the Iraqi leader added that the government should not allow the terrorists to take the opportunity to take control of public spaces and prevent authorities from arresting them. coque supreme “The security forces have to be strong in tackling these situations and take action against those who hold such a dangerous influence,” he said.


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