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Patek Philippe Nautilus is the Ultimate Sports Watch

In the rarefied air of the high end sports watch, the Patek Philippe Nautilus is still the King. You could fill your day reading pages of passionate prose that argue the merits of the watch relative to others, but there is something about the Nautilus that sets it apart from a less cerebral boss bracelet homme point of view. Pure feel. In fact, when the Time+Tide editorial team sat down earlier this year and picked out a single watch 66.6% of the team picked the bracelet homme perle jade Nautilus, while the other 33.3% were simply wrong. 1 piece amour coeur pendentif oreille manchette occasion formelle pour les femmes fete cadeau mode The Nautilus is certainly King in this dominion.

Before we get too much further into the Nautilus story, let firstly deal with some definitions. Yes, this is a watch although obviously not a replacement for your G shock or Garmin GPS watch. It comes from an era when there were watches (typically thin, classical watches in gold cases) and more casual watches which were a little larger and bolder. coque samsung But for think Country Club sipping gin rather than surfing the breaks.

We had a chance to spend an evening the metal with the 2014 Nautilus range at a dinner organised by bracelet homme pierre volcanique Patek Philippe and LK Boutique to mark Patek 175th anniversary. Given the rarity of the Nautilus in general and the worldwide demand for this latest collection, it was an amazing opportunity to seeand photograph the majority of the 2014 range in the one place and compare the differences. For one member of the team, it was just the silken experience of endless Patek bracelets on the wrist that was the highlight of the evening. bijoux pas cher finishing, the 1 piece oreille manchette unique acrylique perles boucles doreilles personnalise boho boucles bracelet homme quartz finishing was heard over and over again.

A Brief History of the Nautilus

Original bracelet homme perles et acier Nautilus Cork BoxPhoto by Revo online

Like many classics, the Nautilus didn meet with universal acclaim when it launched back in 1976. The design was a radical departure from the very traditional bracelet homme cuir argent personnalisé style of Patek existing range, with its larger size andshock! horror!stainless steel rather than gold case. coque samsung Despite being steel, the Nautilus was no bargain, priced at $3,100 at launch, at a time when median annual income in the US was just over $12,000.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700Photo by Fratello Watches

The 1970 was a time when several design legends made bleu goutte deau evide cristal aile boucle doreille goujons bijoux cadeau bijoux couleur argent their mark across different industrial fields. For example, in the car industry you had the brilliant Giorgetto Giugiaro changing the face of car design cheville bracelet homme for Bertone and ItalDesign, while in watches, a designer called G Genta created several models that are still considered iconic today, including the Omega Constellation and a trio of high end steel sports watches: The Audemars fossil bracelet homme ja6807040 Piguet Royal Oak, the Nautilus and IWC Ingenieur.

The defining elements of the original 3700 Nautilus design are the on the side of bracelet homme tati the case (styled to remind owners of the porthole hinge on their mega yacht), ed01542c mode plus style petites boucles doreilles goutte pour les femmes nouveau bijoux cadeaux the large octagonal bezel and the brilliant Black Blue dial with its horizontal streaks. For example, while the original 3700 had only an hour and minute hand, the 2006 5711 added a sweeping seconds hand and a larger, thicker bezel.

The bracelet is beautifulyet somehow not as bracelet homme croix camarguaise solid as we expected

One of the highlights of today Nautilus is the d dial, which is a gradient finish that that becomes lighter as you move to the centre of the dial. It the signature of the Nautilus, bracelet homme barbelé as much as the hobnail dial is for the AP Royal Oak. As you expect on a watch in this segment, the finishing is just incredible, with alternating hand polished and satin finishes on nouveau classique unique blanc noir plume aile clip boucles doreilles pour filles bijoux en gros the case and bracelet. And that before you get to the movement, which we will get to style bracelet homme shortly.

Despite being a sports watch, the lines remain sleek, even on the chronograph which is the thickest of the range.

Bracelet and Strap

Nautilus Leather Strap

Depending on the model, the Nautilus comes on either a leather strap or bracelet. For a sports watch like this, we prefer the bracelet, which is beautifully finished with a fine folding clasp. However, while we love the look of the bracelet, it is one of the few points of the watch that we like to see improved, as it doesn feel as bracelet homme acier le manege a bijoux rock solid as that offered on the Royal Oak. The original Nautilus used the Calibre 28 255C movement, which was based on the Jaeger le Coultre Calibre 920. These bracelet homme élastique days Patek offer their own range of movements, including the newest Calibre, the CH 28 520 C FUS shown above.

The finishing is exemplary on all movement surfaces, all of which you can enjoy through the sapphire femmes mode vert email boucles doreilles bijoux personnalises oreille piercing ethnique boucles caseback. The rotor is made from 18k solid gold and is stamped with the Patek logo.

Patek Philippe Caliber 324 S Annual CalendarPatek Philippe

Starting with the time only model, we have the Nautilus 5713, which is in effect a white gold version of the famous steel 5711 but with 48 diamonds set into the bezel.

Shine bright like a diamond can also pendentif bracelet homme see above the beauty of the dial we covered earlierthe gradient is subtle, but one that seems to give the watch a different depending on the light. And this black blue is THE iconic Nautilus dial colour, even though a number of other options have been made over the years. coque samsung At Time+Tide we not a huge fan of diamonds on men watches, but some bracelet homme a are, which is why the 5713 exists.

Next, we start with bracelet homme coloré the complications and the Nautilus Annual Calendar Ref. coque iphone 5726. Using a slightly larger case than bracelet homme djula its blinged out diamond brother (40.5mm vs.


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