Man injured after parachute fails on flight in South Carolina

Man injured after parachute fails on flight i바카라n South Carolina

A Colorado woman said she was afraid to get into a New Year’s Eve dive after her parachute failed while flying over the South Carolina mountains 우리카지노Monday.

Carol Anderson, 44, was on the A743 Southwest Air in Columbia at 1:43 p.m. when the parachute went down. “As soon as I got there they pulled me down to the ground and told me I could come back out,” she said. “When I got up there I was scared. I was scared it was going to crash. I went to the safety of the pilot’s seat just to take care of my own.”

Anderson said she was flying at about 2,500 feet when her parachute started to fall out, sending her down near the side of the aircraft.

“It was just like seeing the sun. The sun was out. The clouds were coming in. Everything was dark,” Anderson said. “I looked up, and my hand got caught in the hold of the ejection system. My hand got stuck in the ejection mechanism and broke. I looked over at the pilot and I said, ‘Oh my God.’ The pilot came over and said, ‘No, no, don’t be afraid, I’m okay.’”

The pilot came around and Anderson started yelling to him that “the plane isn’t coming down.” Anderson said the pilot said that if he was going to crash the airplane he would pull her out.

Anderson said she had a bad experience with her personal safety during a private jet commercial pilot school after that.

“The instructor told me it was the worst I had ever taken a chance on,” she said. “I got a couple of other students and a couple of other instructors who said they had the same problem during their studies. I was like, ‘What happened to being safe? I wasn’t gonna be able to even close a hand out of my plane.’ So now I’m just worried about my own safety. We were going 바카라really fast at the time, so I couldn’t have noticed.”

South Carolina state trooper said pilot wasn’t injured

Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford was in Columbia just a few hours after the initial report when the pilot’s emergency communications system picked up on an alarm that the pilot was “unsafe.”

Rutherford said the pilot was not injured in the accident and that the state is cooperating fully with authorities and has been keeping the investigation “in the front burner.”

Rutherford sai


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