Labor to end negative gearing concessions for new investors, allowing $4,400-$4,800 of income tax relief for those on the highest incomes

Labor to end negative gearing concessions for new investors, allowing $4,400-$4,800 of income tax relief for those on the highest incomes

Retention of three exemptions allowing for up to 30% investment deductions without the need for investment in more expensive property

Reopening the Australian Energy Market Fund for investors to create and fund new supply and demand in the energy market

Cutting interest charges for debt and mortgage repayments to discourage some investors from using them

Retention of tax concessions on house loans, including doubling the annual interest rate on residential house loans to 25%

An end to tax-free allowances for investors that can be carried over between shares for up to 15 years, giving investors greater control over the returns to their capital

Increase to the capital gains tax rate for investors, from 15% to 25% on gains of more than $10,000 a year

Income sprinkling, including a limit on contributions to pension schemes made to the Governm우리카지노ent Pension Fund, to help fund investment in public services

바카라Frequency of changes, including changes to the retirement age and changes to tax rules to reduce tax for pensioners and low-income people

A cut to personal taxation rates and tax brackets for capital gains and dividends, with the highest earners paying 35% tax

Changes to the superannuation fund, offering generous allowances for concessional super contributions

A change to the taxation of income from an overseas business which allows overseas entities to make up to $250,000 of tax-free capital gains on their profits of $150,000 or more each year

New rules for the distribution of super benefits to family members, including reducing the tax benefits availabl바카라e to family members of small business employees, and giving them a share of super income earned through partnerships and limited liability companies

No change to the business tax system, leaving personal income tax rates unchanged

Businesses can continue to set their own income tax rates in the hope that they may be able to attract a greater number of foreign investors, and so boost their market share

Tax preferences for foreign individuals working in Australia will not be changed without agreement from all parties

Higher corporate tax rates will now apply to foreign-owned corporations – an option not previously available to Australian corporations

New concessions for Australian business – no increase to the capital gains tax rate, and no reduction in or cap on the capital gains tax rates that can be paid

Changes to the business tax laws – abolishing the “first-come, first-served” system for companies i


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