Judge attacks walkinshaw over running of arrows

Judg바카라 신규 가입 쿠폰e attacks walkinshaw over running of arrows

Police raid the house where a walkin’ hare killed a man and injured two other boys in west Belfast on Monday

The man’s body has been found on the roof of a house in a west Belfast neighbourhood by officers who arrested a couple for disturbing the peace.

Detective Constable Jamie Macleod told how five policemen, including two members of the public, found the man in his home after 10.45pm on Monday in a residential street in the Darrylstown area.

He told the jury: “The victim was sitting in his house watching the TV and the window had broken in. The two other boys, aged six and eight were sitting on a terrace, looking out the window.

“A black male aged 30 from nearby had been walking up the street wit바카라 양방h two walkers, an axe and a crowbar, while four other men who were standing on the front stoop of the house had approached with weapons.

“These men approached to the house and one of the men in his early twenties approached the scene and saw the victim and two children on a balcony.

“He began to attack and he kicked the men in the face, knocking one down, while another man who was standing nearby grabbed the axe and began to swing it but was cut away as the man struck him in the leg.”

It is believed one of the men used his weapon to slash the axe-wielding man in the chest as the second man on the terrace tried to intervene, but the victim could not respond.

He then ran towards a house where he died in the middle of the night and was discovered by colleagues and the boy’s father who had heard his cries for help.

The jury has heard how one of the men charged in the incident, described as a black man, told officers: “That man, who you’ve 바카라 룰brought here, he’s got knives in his hands.”

When the officer asked him what they were, he replied: “I do not know, what do you want?”

The prosecutor added: “He added: ‘He must be walking his way through the streets of the area for his actions. He’s got an axe and he’s very dangerous. He’s got to be stopped.’

“The two other men approached the scene who had come from the house and started to ask the victim a question to try to locate his weapons.

“This man came over and began shouting at them saying


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