Hussey strikes for vics in super over, runs away, off the ball, over, goes through

Hussey strikes for vics in super over, runs away, off the ball, over, goes through

12:10 am: Hossey misses a 7-yard field goal from the right

11:57 am: Hossey breaks up a running tackle on a running play off a screen

11:37 am: Hossey blocks a deep pass into space by the Redskins offense and then breaks up another

10:58 am: Hossey takes off running a더킹카지노fter being fouled in the backfield

10:59 am:

9:45 am: Hossey fires a 22-yard pass to the tight end for a touchdown

9:25 am: Hossey’s 30-yard TD pass to the RB comes from behind the offensive line and is wide right

10:40 am: Hossey misses a 27-yard field goal, but he gets up again t바카라사이트o take another shot

10:13 am: Hossey hits a 24-yard field goal attempt, but it’s blocked well by the Redskins defensive line.

9:08 am: Hossey tries to grab a 3-yard run as time runs out, but his 32-yard TD pass to Jones just falls incomplete.

9:09 am: Hossey has a 26-yard reception on third-and-16 to tie the game with just under three minutes left

9:05 am: Hossey misses a 22-yard field goal attempt as time runs out and is forced to scramble

8:56 am: It’s just 6 minutes left바카라사이트 but the Redskins go up 20-17

8:35 am: It’s only 1:05 left but Washington is up 23-17. A field goal try is missed

9:32 am: Hossey catches a 5-yard pass on third-and-3 for a first down

8:23 am:

9:45 am: Washington’s 10th play of the game is a 1-yard touchdown run by Chris Thompson.

9:40 am: The Redskins now lead by 2

9:36 am: Hossey’s 28-yard TD pass to Rhett Ellison is for a first down.

9:51 am: It’s 1:05 on the third quarter, but with 3:03 left Hossey hits the long 27-yard TD pass to Jones

9:58 am: Washington has just 5 minutes left and Hossey’s 29-yard TD throw to Jones is for a first down



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