First stage of maitland mall revamp almost complete after lengthening

First stage of maitland mall revamp almost complete after lengthening


It’s been nearly a decade since a Chicago-area mall had to be rebuilt due to problems from the design of the interior, so much so that it has already extended its life by nearly 20 years.

The 1,250-space, $2.6 billion Westdale Center Mall near the Loop mall site will officially open Monday morning, the shopping complex manager said Tuesday.

The project began six years ago, with help from Chicago-based developer the Littlerock Group, the mall manager said at a press conference at Chicago’s Midway Airport, where the entire site will be shut down from dawn to dusk from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The mall is expected to o바카라사이트pen to the public with approximately 1.7 million square feet of retailers and entertainment.

The mall began operations in March, 2013, at the site of the World Trade Center’s former headquarters at 10150 E. Clybourn Road. Construction was finished last fall and a third phase of construction was begun last spring. The new project will extend the current mall into the former World Trade Center site.

The mall’s namesake is named after Littlerock, Chicago’s fourth-largest iron ore producer in the 1920s. The firm had helped to build the former Westdale mall, which also includes the historic Westcott Ice Cream Shop, as well as three other former malls and a shoapronxpping center called World of Oz.

The project involved more apronxthan 100 engineering, design and demolition firms, according to Dan Krasnow, mall manager. “All of the people involved have done some hard work and were kind of blown away by the project,” he said.

Krasnow said construction began April 17, 2012, and was supposed to take two years to complete, but his timeline changed after Westdale was deemed ready.

“The biggest surprise for us was when the timeline was changed,” he said.

The new Westdale will have 884,000 square feet of retail space in 18 outdoor areas and six indoor areas, including four restaurants and a retail store. The mall’s overall interior has already improved due to its size, having been completely redone and renovated to include modern amenities and open floor plans.

“It was really nice to come in with the mindset of actually building something from the ground up,” Krasnow said.

Most retail, including department stores, now have open-plan spaces that “totally separate” fro


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