Fears for wa neighbourhood community centres amid funding change

Fears for wa neighbourhood community centres amid funding change

A council committee on Tuesday night will consider an urgent request from Ottawa to allow more community centres in Waerrefoot, a community along the Ottawa River near Ottawa and Don Valley in north-central Ontario.

A report from the city’s Public Service Commission says there’s an urgent need for new community centres to be built in areas such as Waerrefoot and North Toronto after카지노 사이트 community centres at Victoria Park and nearby locations were closed due to low enrolment.

Community centres have been a key part of the city’s transit network since it opened in the 1950s. They serve low-income communities and serve mostly young people and the mentally ill, helping them stay in school or on their way to work.

Council will consider the report Tuesday night and make a decision on whether to accept the request for more community centres in the next fiscal year. Council’s chapronxief executive officer Dave Levinson says residents must have a seat at the table before such a decision is taken.

“The city does what it does to the best of its ability to do its job, and there is no one perfect,” he says. “Council is not doing this to please someone or any organization — it’s to do its job.”

The council committee will debate the proposal on Tuesday evening and is expected to make aapronx recommendation to the mayor soon after.


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