Elephant kills 12 females over spurned advances

Elephant kills 12 females over spurned advances; ‘we’ve become the savages we were born to be’, says animal lover [Reuters]

A group of 20 ele예스 카지노phants at an animal park in Myanmar has been sent home to the wild after killing 12 female 슬롯 머신elephants.

The elephants killed included a calf which was the mother’s third child, a foal calf which was the baby of a female elephant named Aisha, who was also the mother of the baby, an보성출장마사지d a second foal which was the son of an elephant of the same name.

According to Reuters, the killings were part of a “new approach to elephant conservation” by local authorities to help protect the elephants at Dzangthai Elephant Park.



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‘Dziengthai Park Elephant Park is a new idea,’ says Dr Sari Nandwirani, director of a wildlife park, which is set to become the largest in the world and was established by Myanmar’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry in 2011. “I hope we’re making a difference towards better relationships between humans and wild animals.

“We hope to have more positive interactions, but the elephant is a big animal that needs conservation. At the time it has no rights.”

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