Djokovic federer storm into shanghai semi-final, losing 4-3 and sending US star to retirement

Djokovic federer storm into shanghai semi-final, losing 4-3 and sending US star to retirement

When it became clear to Djokovic that he would not be able to defend his title on clay, he played a number of clay-only games. However, in the semi-final against Andre Agassi he played only his best clay games, against Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic.

The result was not in doubt at the end, but Djokovic lost 4-3 to eventual champion Agassi.

At the time of the loss, Djokovic claimed“I felt the pain and sadness of losing the first match of the Swiss Open on clay when I was 25 years old.”

The Swiss Tennis Federation (Sud) took the unusual step of asking all players to sign a statement of intention to continue on the court until their Grand Slams, while Djokovic remained with the Sud team, playing in the Asian Games for a number of weeks before withdrawing from the sport.

“Djokovic’s decision to go for the SUD has the possibility of affecting all the players in the world,” said Sud Director-General Peter Gendron. “We will have to speak with him and try and reach some conclusion. In this case, it doesn’t matter much to me the number of the Grand Slams [that have] been won on clay, because I am sure he won all. All the best.”

Gendron also said that Djokovic, if he feels there is anythjarvees.coming wrong, has an option “to change his career plans and try again next year”.

Djokovic won the fifth-round of the Swiss Open in 2012 and was seeded 8th before losing to Agassi in the final. However, he lost only one match on clay — to Agassi — and is still considered one of the best players on the planet today. He won five Slams in a row over the next three years, including the one he won four jarvees.comyears ago this month and he was the third-seeded player to win his first Grand Slam when he won the US Open in 2011.

Djokovic is only 21 years old and his victory in Australia will be his 26th Grand Slam title. The five-time Wimbledon champion is the most successful player in men’s tennis history, winning four times, seven, six and five majors.


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