Csiro hopes rainforest plot to boost biodiversity knowledge

Csiro hopes rainforest plot to boost biodiversity knowledge

Researchers with the Ecological Research Centre at the University of the Basque Country have now shown that using rainforest plot to monitor biodiversity, as is done in rainforest conservation projects around the world, has the ability to improve tree hejarvees.comalth and biodiversity.

Since the 1970s, the EcoLuxecos project has monitored changes in a series of tree species over time, from the tropical forest ecosystem to forest areas in wejarvees.comstern and southern Brazil.

The study, published in the journal Science, looked at the results of a forest plot in the Guinean Amazon, which was recently used as a research area by the Ecological Research Centre at the University of the Basque Country (ERC).

For the research, researchers collected soil samples from the surface of the plots, as well as some of the water collected by the water pumps at these sites in 2005-2008.

Using the information collected, they were able to infer the species present at the plots for the period up to 18 years – from a sample of 100 samples from each plot. The researchers also took detailed pictures of the trees, and were able to identify species specific to different locations in the forest.

“Our results demonstrate a significant decrease in species density in some forest plot samples,” explains ERC ecologist Sérgio Morais, lead author of the study and an assistant research fellow at the Ecological Research Centre, when contacted b우리카지노y the Press Association. “The increase in species richness was also much smaller in these plots compared to other forests.

“We also found that we could distinguish forest species from native species, which is very important as they represent a big chunk of trees in some areas of the forest.”

Biological evidence from the study was used to demonstrate that the plots were important to some species, he added.

“This is a very special study. Our previous results showed that the ecologically important areas of forest are protected from habitat loss, but this research suggests these areas are being damaged by development,” added Morais. “This shows that conservation efforts are going to be very important when it comes to restoring species diversity and maintaining forest ecosystems, but they must also be well-integrated into the larger ecosystem. These studies show that our current strategy is not working well.”

This study is still in its preliminary stage and details have yet to be written about it.


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