Credit union customers warned about info theft

Credit union customers warned about info theft

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has advised customers to be on the lookout for signs of unauthorized access to customer names, addresses, account numbers, date of birth and credit card numbers.

The CFPB announced Tuesday that it was looking into how hackers steal personal information from thousands of credit union customers each year.

“Some of the more prominent breaches and security threats reported to the agency include:

Users may be able to access their credit card information or other protected credit information by logging into a credit union website,” CFPB says in its monthly report. “This could be as simple as clicking on a link or viewing information. The online information could include full names, addresses, date of birth and 청주출장샵 청주출장안마credit card number.”

It says that accounts were hacked at 23 credit unions across California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, 공주출장마사지Texas and Washington, D.C.

Credit union customers were told in October that thieves might have taken their PINs and card accounts.

But the bureau says the most common information in the breaches is their names, birth dates, date of account opening or the account number for each account they open.

If hackers get access to account numbers and account numbers for the majority of the customers in a credit union, they could have access to account balances, credit limits, balances to have opened with an account and some information on the membership in all of the credit unions, and even the information in all of the accounts in the credit union.

It says that people are also at risk if they enter their credit card numbers and have the account numbers stolen when they try to withdraw money. In some cases, when this happens, the fraudulent withdrawal process can be interrupted for no valid reason.

The agency said last month that a number of other data XO 카지노thefts were affecting tens of thousands of accounts, which would mean many people could lose out financially.


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