Crabs wave the long arm of love over the water near the shore

Crabs wave the long arm of love over the water near the shore.

Giants are made of rocks, and seas

Of stone and iron and silver are not the end;

Or is it more beautiful to dance in the ocean,

Or is it less a land to the sky,

Or is it only fair to love?

The sea is a fountain of tears

By which the stars that gladden his life-blood are sun우리카지노g;

And he who lives on ocean’s waves

In the sea where many rivers flow,

Shall feel the power of a sea’s wind.

He who can look at the waves

That pour out as far as the eyes can see,

Can know what delight

To love is, the power of the sea.

Gods of sea, who live not by their gods

Or by a man’s heart, but by his sea,

Nor by a woman’s mind or by a man’s heart,

May the gods of water speak with

The gods of fire to tell the story of the world;

But they live with the sea.

Blessed be the sea, to make the gods come,

To bless the moon and stars and seas:

And blessed be the gods that dwell in the sky,

And blessed be those that stand in the sea,

Hasten up the world with waters flowing,

To keep the world alive with light.

The ocean is pure water,

And as a child that swims down a river,

May a child find life;

But if an old man is able to learn,

Can he not also be wise?

I speak as man of nature, and nature alone speak.

The sea teaches man what to learn,

By its s더킹카지노torms and rivers and rivers of ice;

By its floods and delugees and storms;

And though you find a little sand in a cave,

What will you put it into?

Will you take that which has no weight,

Or will you take tha우리카지노t which is strong and warm,

Or will you take some small water that will not be shaken off your clothes?

Who knows? What will be able to get me

A kiss? I must always love and go forward:

The sea is a river of life, and so may


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