Concerns raised about resort expansion by its own board

Concerns raised about resort expansion by its own board

Auckland Council says its current Board of Management is capable of handling the concerns raised by a board member who feels he has been treated unfairly by a board member.

The council’s board has made changes to improve staff and ensure better management.

Councillor Rob Tinkler says he has been unable to attend meetings while on a business holiday and felt like the whole board was out of touch with his concerns.

“It got to the point where I could get no answers from the staff and I had to come and s바카라사이트peak directly to the Chair of the Board and I thought ‘this is getting really serious.’

“There was a lot of concern expressed to me from people who felt they had been treated unfairly and that I wasn’t getting the answers I wanted and that the situatio바카라사이트n was unsustainable.”

Mr Tinkler says he took the concerns on to the board and asked to be seen before a meeting on Monday.

“At the meeting I raised my concerns with the Chair and I asked her to review them and to see them before she made a final decision or approval in case she didn’t think it was right.”

He says he wanted the council to act quickly.

“The Chair of the Board, who had the authority to make such a decision and not make a decision until she’d actually reviewed the meeting, I thought had the authority to look at and respond and it is the responsibility of the Council to do that.”

He believes he could get more help from the Auckland Council’s Civil Affairs team, but so far they say their staff hasn’t been told enough.

“In fact there’s been one email in regards to the [alleged misconduct], which is not even addressed to the staff but it’s all on the web and in a format that is easily understood,” he says.

“There have been emails sent by the Chief Executive Officers, the chair and two senior members of the Council, and not a single email in regards to the allegations.”

‘I can’t comment on why something should have happened’

The Council wants the matter looked into immediately.

Councillor Tinkler says the concerns were not only legitimate but needed to be looked 우리카지노into and resolved quickly, and so he’s asked the Council to bring their complaints to the attention of a senior person within the council in a public manner.

“This was not a situation where one individual was being unreasonable and acting unjustly. Tha


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