Britney spears checks into rehab, says there’s hope for career

Britney spears checks into rehab, says there’s hope for career After years of being plagued with drug abuse, an alcoholic and poor diet, she was found unresponsive in a Los Angeles rehab facility last year. She died from “non-life threatening” bleeding on her brain. coque supreme But after taking her own life, she was able to open up about the difficulties she faced as a woman who was unable to find work or gain a steady job. coque goku Her suicide letter, which was released by the Santa Ana Independent Department of Health on Monday, was filled with emotional passages, revealing her struggles and questions. coque kakashi She said her wife’s ex-husband was abusive and that she lost her only son. The two fought and their marriage was “torn apart” after she broke up with him, her letter reads. “I was constantly scared that he would hurt me, that she would beat me and hurt me.” – Courtney Spears, who committed suicide last June. coque stitch “I was constantly scared that he wou진주출장마사지ld hurt me, that she would beat me and hurt me. I just wanted her to end this. coque nike I asked for help and I wasn’t given anything.” PHOTOS: Hollywood’s most-블랙 잭retarded starlets The letter also mentioned that she had struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, and an eating disorder since she met Courtney back in 2005. coque supreme She told her mother that she believed that Courtney’s mother was making her unhappy because she gave up her career becausCDC 철도청 카지노e she was unemployed. coque nike The letter also shared details of her battle with addiction. coque kakashi “I lost everything, and my soul and my body and my soul. coque fortnite I was in a mess, and then my soul, my spirit, was in a hell. I was in a place with no hope. I was in a country where everybody has this drug problem. coque itachi And if you’re a young woman of any age and you’re not working at all and don’t know anyone, you’re at a real, real risk of going down that drug path. coque tokyo ghoul And so I knew that it was me, and I wasn’t going to take it anymore. “When people look at Courtney, they don’t necessarily know where she’s coming from. You just assume that it’s an alcoholic who’s gone insane and that she’s dead now and that that’s the end. coque hisoka But it’s not that way at all. “I’m talking about Courtney Spears.


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