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Apple CEO Tim Cook to Speak at European Data Protection Conference in Brussels Later This Month

Apple coque iphone 6 rouge avec pomme CEO Tim Cook will be the keynote speaker at the 2018 International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, the European Data Protection Supervisor announced today.

Cook will give the keynote speech at “Debating Ethics: Dignity and Respect in Data Driven Life,” a coque iphone adisas public session coque spigen iphone xs max of the conference set to take place on coque iphone 7 pluis Wednesday, October 24.

“We are delighted that Tim has agreed to speak at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. Tim has coque iphone 5c combi vw been a strong voice in the debate around privacy, as the leader of a company which has taken a clear privacy position, coque de iphone xs max we compatibilité coque iphone iphone xs coque spigen 5c et 5s look forward to hearing his coque iphone 7 bois tete de mort perspective. lawmakers are considering online data protection rules similar to the General Data Protection Regulation coque iphone 5s inde (GDPR) Europe implemented earlier this year.

Apple is a major advocate for privacy and the tech company that is the most invested in protecting consumer data. Cook and other Apple executives speak often on the importance of consumer data privacy.

In a June interview, for example, Cook said that privacy “from an American point of view” is one of the “key civil liberties” defining what it means to be American. He also often points out that Apple’s customers are not its product.

“We could make a ton of money if we monetized our customers,” Cook said in March. “If our customers coque iphone 5s corail were our product. We’ve elected not to do that. We’re at a stage now where more information is available about you online and on your phone than is in your house. Chances are, coque iphone 4s the vamps your phone knows what you’ve been coque iphone 5c scania browsing, knows your friends, knows your relationships, has all of your photos.

I mean, just think about this and the magnitude of information. We take that seriously. Privacy is about putting the user in control when it comes that information. That means that users can decide whether to share personal information and with whom. It means that they understand how that information will be used. Ultimately, privacy is about living in a world where you can trust that your decisions about how your personal information is shared and used are being respected.

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What more facts do coque fantaisie iphone xs you need Tim Cook rails against Google entire business model but then enables that model coque iphone 5s m on his own products in exchange for How is the fact that he accomplishes that by making amazon coque iphone 11 pro Google the default search engine any less egregious He steering people to a company who by Tim coque iphone 7 amour own vociferous claims violates peoples privacy as a matter of practice and business model.

[doublepost=1538593015][/doublepost]Users want Google coque iphone 6s fluo search because it works very well. I use DuckDuckGo, but it doesn come close coque iphone 5s disney channel to presenting accurate and expected search results in easy coque iphone many cases. I always fall back to doing a Google search when I need to the search results or find something that DDG didn present on the first page of results.

If people were really concerned about Google, just use a Private/Incognito window in your browser. Every major browser has them ispider coque transparente pour iphone xs x these days. You seem anonymous with every search. On iOS, Private browsing mode can be left on by default all the time.

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